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Smart Heating Controls

Save money with Smart Boiler Controls

As energy prices continue to rise,  new, smarter technology is being developed to make heating systems as efficient as possible. Boilers are now as efficient as ever, but heating your home can still be expensive if you're not smart with your usage. With approximately 60% of household energy consumed by central heating, even a small change can produce substantial savings.

What are smart controls?

Smart heating controls and thermostats are the latest development in home heating. With small powerful computers and sensors installed in heating controls, smart controls offer homeowners more control of their heating systems helping to save energy and money while doing so.


A smart control can be a thermostat or heating controller with advanced capabilities such as sensing the temperature in different rooms and adjusting the heating level accordingly through the use of smart radiator valves. Most require a connection to the internet, offering useful features such as being able to control their heating through a smartphone app, setting heating schedules remotely and checking energy usage.


Smart controls are available in many different from factors with their size usually depending on their features.

Small systems come in a self-contained unit and simply replace your old thermostat, while larger and more complex systems which could offer room-by-room temperature control can require extra sensors to be installed in each room.


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