Solar Heating

Solar Thermal Heating from A&L Services

Solar thermal heating for domestic hot water is the fastest growing renewable technology across Europe. Using radiation from the sun, a sophisticated A & L Services installed solar collector is used to transfer the maximum amount of energy possible into a fluid, which runs through the collector and which is then used to indirectly heat water in a storage cylinder. As solar thermal technology does not rely on sunlight but on solar radiation, it can work efficiently in our climate to provide around 50-70% of annual domestic hot water requirements. Solar heating Using the sun as a renewable energy source helps the environment, leads to reduced energy bills and means less reliance on gas and electricity for water heating.

About Us

A & L Services Ltd was established by Alan Watson in 2004 after around twenty years successfully working as a professional Plumber and Heating Engineer.The growth of the business since becoming a Limited Company has meant that A & L can now concentrate greater resources into serving its local domestic customers. As part of our continuing growth, we have taken on additional well qualified Engineers who have the right skills and the right attitude to reinforce and continue to build our reputation as a friendly, professional and excellent value-for-money heating and plumbing company.

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